Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jet Skiing

It is almost 100 degrees here in I.F. but it feels good when you have been jet skiing, wake boarding, tubing and swimming. That is what mark and I did with his brother and his fiancee' and their friend. It was awsome. I didn't go wake boarding, but i did swim, ride, and drive the jet ski and tube. I almost fell off the tube a couple of times, but corrected myself, then i finally biffed it, and for some dumb reason I couldn't figure out why i was choking on all that water and getting plunged into the water so fast....oh.....let go of the tube dummy. ha ha ha ha! For a split sec I had an image of someone getting dragged by a horse and someone yelling "let go." That is what reminded me to let go. After I did that I could breath again...after I coughed up a couple of fish. I drove the jet ski while Joanna (eric's fiancee') rode behind me and Eric was tubing. Joanna tried it too, and boy did she get some sweet bounces. I had to laugh a couple of times.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Mom and Dad!

Welcome back from Washington DC! It sounds like you had a great time :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

I had a dream

I had a dream about saving Ross a few nights ago. haha. I think I was traumatized when he went missing all day a few months back. Anyway, everybody was out looking for Ross again, but we were in Idaho looking in the Snake River. For some reason the whole city went swimming that day and it was quite difficult to find him so we all split up. I finally found him and called him to come ashore. (We were all scared about the undertow of the current). He swam ashore and told me, "I'm swimming!" Then, he went back in the river. I called him back ashore, and he was walking towards me on a bunch of logs that started moving back towards the river. Luckily, I cought him underneath his arms and he didn't fall in with the logs. Then, out of nowhere a big semi started to fall on us! Again, my strength came through (haha) and I barely pulled us both away from the fall of the big semi truck. So, Ross escaped death twice in one dream. It's a good thing he has me for a niece, huh?