Sunday, June 20, 2010

Little Mr. Cutie Pie

Little Mr. Cutie Pie

Came by to crawl one day.

He was so cute

dressed in a green plaid suit!

Immediately I loved him

as he looked me in the eye.

Sniffing with me is fun to do,
fun to do to do to do....
Sniffing with me is fun to do
to do to do to do!

Max= Very Handsome Guy

With REAL Yellow Glasses.
No, they are not fake.
Yes they are prescription.
Yes - He is the Real Mr. Cutie Pie!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen

Open, shut them, open, shut them,
Give a little clap.

Baby Face

You've got the cutest little baby face!

Splish, Splash
I was takin' a bath.

The After-Party

Was a Big Splash!

And the Splash was felt by all who attended!

Beckett just loves

his new helicopter

with all the balls!
He continuously plays with it!

And we end with this
famous squinty smile!
Auf Wiedersehen!

It was a Beautiful Day in Idaho!
You better believe it!
Here's proof!

Swinging in the Sun!

Happy Birthday Sign hand made
by Cecily & Deserae!

I'm Swinging in the Sun

Just Swinging in the Sun

What a Glorious Feeling

I'm Happy Again!

I'm Laughing Out Loud

Just swinging, just swinging in the Sun!

I'm Swinging Up Above

The Sun's in My Heart

And I'm Ready for Love

With Joy in my Heart

The Sun's Up Above

I've a Smile on my Face

Just Swinging in the Sun!

Mom & Beckett Had a Great Time
Swinging in the Sun!

While Dad was Grilling up some hot dogs!
His Favorite Meal!
Thanks Deserae for the FREE HOT DOGS
They were yummy!

Gigi wishes Beckett a Great Birthday!
We Love Beckett!

Happy Happy!

Beckett really liked the helicopter
Great Grandma Marlu gave him. He
learned to put the balls in the hole
and loved all the noises it made.

He also loved the cuddly, beautiful,
space blanket lovingly made by
Aunt Deserae.

Deserae told us Beckett could
walk with this toy.

So we had him try it.

And sure enough he was walking all around!

Beckett likes his new
alligator toy also.

Just some cute pictures

of Beckett smiling with all of his

Beautiful Teeth!
Happy, Happy, Beckett!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

When the Family Gets Together!

Happy 1st Birthday Beckett Dear!

When the Family gets together....
Gigi, Beckett, Great Grandma Marlu, Grandma Virginia.

Birthday Twins
Chris & Marlu

Beckett's Aunts & Cousins.
Joanna, Max, Deserae, Beckett,
Emma, Ginger, & Alexis

B's Grandpas.
Grandpa John & Grandpa Barry.

The Bennetts
Ryan, Cecily, Chris, Barry Deserae, Beckett
Ginger, Alexis, Max, Joanna, & Eric.

Gigi & Grandpa love their
Beautiful 3 Grandchildren!

The Jenkins side of the Family.
Ryan, Cecily, Marlu, Emma,
Beckett, Virginia & John.

A Wonderful Birthday Celebration
for Beckett was enjoyed by all!