Monday, June 29, 2009

Visting the Prettymans

Deserae, Cecily, Beckett & Chris visited the Prettyman's in Provo. We found a surprise - Sarah was also there! So from left to right - Liz, Beckett, Ethan, Tyler, & Sarah. I might add that Ethan had his head turned to the camera for only a split second. We are lucky to see his face!

Ethan usually runs away, but today he especially requested ME to put on his shoes & socks! I was pleasantly surprised!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anodyne Red at the Vinyl Perk

Here is Eric and his Band Buddies - Derek Perry & Randy Bishop - playing at the Vinyl Perk -a coffee shop in Pocatello, Idaho. Anodyne Red is the band's name. The owner found them on the internet and asked them to play at his shop. Vinyl Perk is a quaint little place with polka dot covered tables and vinyl records decorating the walls. They even got paid! Vinyl Perk has different bands play at their shop every Friday night. They did a great job! And all the music they perform is written by the band members. Quite a talented and creative group.

Ginger's Baby Shower

Kate Curley Park in Idaho Falls was the setting for Ginger's Baby Shower given by her co-workers.

Here is Ginger with friends

Here is Ginger with a blindfold on seeing how long it takes to diaper a 'baby' doll. I think it was 15 seconds.

Another pic of Ginger diapering the baby.

Here is Ginger playing 'What did the baby eat?' Baby food was place strategically in diapers and we had to guess what did that baby eat?

We also played how big is Ginger's tummy with toilet paper. We guessed how many squares it would take to fit around Ginger's tummy. It was 11. I guessed 15 so I was way off! It was a very fun shower and so nice of her friends to give her one.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

PKU Test

A glove filled with nice warm water being put on his foot by Mom prepares Beckett for his PKU.

A binkie is always handy just before a prick in your foot.

After his PKU he didn't even cry.

A football bandaid was put on his foot after the test. He was moving a lot in this pic.

And it's off to lullaby land in Liz's beautiful blanket.

Beckett in His Basket

Beckett in his cute basket made for him by Amy! Thanks Amy! He sleeps so well in his little bed! And the blanket made by Naurine is warm and cozy and he loves it!

Another pic of Beckett sleeping away.

Beautiful Beckett

Beckett on the day he was born being held by Uncle Eric

A close look at Becket. He rarely opens his eyes..He was cooperating this time! I think I see Emma!

Beckett sleeping with his hands by his face --His usual pose

Beckett with his 'mittens' that never stay on and with his green blanket Jenny made him.

Uncle Eric & Beckett on the day he was born. Look at his beautiful hair....I mean Beckett's of course!

Cute, Adorable, Sweet Beckett

Here is Cute Beckett in the Flesh taken by a Very Amateur Videographer whom I do not know!

He is so Adorable & Sweet!

I'm not a Very Proud Grandma!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beckett's Curly Hair

Here's Little Beckett with All of His Cute Curly Hair!
Absolutely Love the Curly Hair!!

Beckett's First Bath

Beckett was soooo Happy to take his First Bath

Mom washing his beautiful dark curly hair.

Thoroughly enjoying his first bath experience.

GG Comforting the little Beckett

Beckett back to sleep after bath time. The thing he does best.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm A Grandma Finally At Last!!

This is One Happy Family! Ryan, Cecily, & their little baby boy, Beckett Thomas Jenkins! Aren't they cute?
Here is little Becket smiling in Britney's blanket! He is a living doll!
He likes to spread his wings! While all the other babies in the nursery had their hands and feet tucked in.....He likes to sprawl! Again...he is sooooo cute!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PICTURE OF BECKETT! He got all dressed up to go to the doctor's office. He is VERY COOL!
And here I am being ONE VERY HAPPY GRANDMA! So this is what it's all about! He is so fun to hold and cuddle with. He is pretty cute and fun!