Sunday, July 25, 2010

Waiting for the Fireworks to Begin on the Snake River

Cecily & Ryan are excited to see the Fireworks!

So are Beckett & Deserae!

The Dearden Family
First time for
Idaho Fireworks.

Beckett with the 'other'
Grandparents & Emma.

Emma made this wagon bed
especially for Beckett.
Isn't she a nice aunt?

Auntie Des with Alexis

Gigi, Alexis, Beckett, Grandpa

Alexis & her Auntie Des

Where are the Fireworks?

So much fun with the
nephew & niece!

Alexis in her 4th of July garb.

I love the 4th of July!

The Bennetts getting ready
for the fireworks!

The Jenkins awaiting the Fireworks.

Rachel taking pictures

Mickey Mouse in Beckett's Bed.

Emma & Rachel playing

Auntie Des with Beckett on the River

It's a peaceful evening as the
ducks swim by.

Ducks by the Temple

Kind of cool...where is Alexis' jacket?
I wonder!

Alexis being curious.

Alexis stayed awake for the
fireworks and enjoyed them.
Beckett fell fast asleep.
Until Next 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Beckett & Alexis

dressed up

for the 4th of July!

They are both excited

to see their first Fireworks show.

Alexis shows off her clapping skills.

Trampolines are just fun!

They are just so cute!

They love to play together.

Alexis really loves to clap!

Beckett watches intently!

Goodbye trampoline!
We're going to watch the fireworks!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Goodbye to Hebgen Lake!

A place to sit by the fire & the lake.

Beckett was having a happy moment.

He was smiling so cute!

And then he wasn't.

He started clapping and being happy again!

Clap, Clap, and Clap some more!

He is a cutie!

I took some pictures after everyone
had left. Side view of the cabin.

Marlu wanting to swing high!
But I told her no. It was time to leave.

Hebgen Lake is beautiful!

The dock where we had so much fun.

The Cabin in the woods is a REAL cabin!

The firepit where marshmallows were roasted
and smores were made.

Wild Flowers Bloom.
Goodbye! We had Fun Times
and now we have Good Memories!