Monday, August 31, 2009

Ryan's Funny Remark

Ryan's funny remark! And somebody's silly laughing in the background!

This is the bubbling Paint Pots at Yellowstone

Here is a side view of Old Faithful...It was huge!!!

Yellowstone - Paint Pots & Old Faithful

Ginger, Mark, Cecily, Ryan, Beckett & I (Chris) went to the Paint Pots in Yellowstone

Ginger, Mark, Ryan, Cecily, & Beckett

This lady was doing a little dance while she flitted her hands around. Maybe she was into Indian Ritual dances. Weird!

At the blue pool with our shadows.

Beckett very excited to be in Yellowstone for his first time as you can tell!

We saw Old Faithful!

But alas the trip took its toll on Beckett - asleep again!

Becket enJOYing Great Aunt Joy! ( I love the name can do so many things with it!)

Beckett sacked out just before it's time to leave Hebgen behind for one more year.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ginger's New Haircut

Ginger got a beautiful haircut today! She is of course very happy!

Ginger & Mark reunited after a day apart. He went to Nampa, Idaho for his masters' orientation at the Northwest Nazarene College.

Mark, trying to feel how Ginger feels --- very pregnant at 39 1/2 weeks.

Now they both can feel very pregnant!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beautiful Beckett

Here are some professional looking pics I took while at Hebgen. He is on his plastic changing pad. He is sooooooo Cute!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What & Where is Hebgen Lake?

Hebgen Lake is approximately 15 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. Hebgen Lake has been called the premier stillwater fishing lake in Montana.

Hebgen Lake is a man-made lake, retained by an earth-fill dam approximately 15 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. It was, and is a popular vacation and fishing spot, near Yellowstone National Park. In 1959 an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 occurred along a fault that crosses the Madison River. The quake damaged the dam, but not severely.

The most spectacular and disastrous effect of the earthquake was the huge avalanche of rock, soil and trees that cascaded from the steep south wall of the Madison River Canyon. This slide formed a barrier that blocked the gorge and stopped the flow of the Madison River and, within a few weeks, creating Quake Lake almost 53 meters deep. The volume of material that blocked the Madison River below Hebgen Dam has been estimated at 28 - 33 million cubic meters. Most of the 28 deaths were caused by rockslides that covered the Rock Creek public campground on the Madison River, about 9.5 kilometers below Hebgen Dam..

High intensities were observed in the northwest section of Yellowstone National Park. Here, new geysers erupted, and massive slumping caused large cracks in the ground from which steam emitted. Many hot springs became muddy.
Today, Hebgen Lake located about 20 minutes west of West Yellowstone is a popular recreational lake. Hebgen has a healthy population of browns, cutthroats and rainbows. Boating, fishing and camping can be enjoyed at Hebgen Lake.

Many summer houses in the Hebgen Lake area were damaged: houses and cabins shifted off their foundations, chimneys fell, and pipelines broke. Most small-unit masonry structures and wooden buildings along the major fault scarps survived with little damage when subjected only to vibratory forces. Roadways were cracked and shifted extensively, and much timber was destroyed. Highway damage near Hebgen Lake was due to landslides slumping vertically and flowing laterally beneath pavements and bridges, which caused severe cracks and destruction. Three of the five reinforced bridges in the epicentral area also sustained significant damage.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Were you this Cute?

The pictures speak for themselves!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hebgen Lake Water Sports

There was lots of water this vacation! Here is Barry pulling Deserae on the tube. She had lots of fun!

Mark & Eric pulling their wives - Ginger & Joanna on the tube! They had lots and lots of fun being prego!

We all had fun at Hebgen Lake playing in the water. Here is Cec & Ryan on the jet ski.

Barry, Cecily, Eric, & Mark on the boat.

Cecily wake boarding

Mark wake boarding

Eric wake boarding

Mark & Ginger enjoying a boat ride

Mark & Ginger after a jet ski ride

Joanna & Cecily playing

Every year it seems something goes wrong. This year there was a bolt that needed to be replaced in the boat. Here is Barry & Bob working hard at fixing the boat. Also the ski rope got tangled in the jet ski and was ruined. Barry finally drove to Idaho Falls to pick up a new one. No one in West Yellowstone or Island Park had one available.

Ryan showing off his big hair do.....

Cecily & Beckett

Ginger & Joanna going on the tube pulled by the jet ski. They are 'brave souls'! Ginger has about 2 weeks left in her pregnancy, & Joanna has about 5 weeks. They were very good sports!

And of course I must end this post with sleeping Beckett being soooo sweet!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hebgen Lake, Montana 2009 #3

On Wednesday Beckett arrived to everyone's glee! Oh, and Cecily & Ryan also appeared! They were somewhere, but we didn't get any pictures of them....I wonder why?

He's just so cute & adorable!

We caught him while he was awake!

We ate at our regular Pizza Place on the main street of West Yellowstone. - Pete's Pizza. Yummy. We had (of course) Hawaiian Pineapple & at Eric's request - a white sauce with chicken & zuchinni.

Beckett just loved the pizza & soon fell fast asleep.

Barry, Des, Cec, & Beckett on the streets of West Yellowstone.

Eric, Joanna, Ryan, Cecily, Barry, Beckett, Deserae, Mark, Ginger before the Playmill Theater.

Joanna, Ryan, Cecily Chris, Beckett, Barry, Deserae, Mark, Ginger, just before seeing The Secret Garden at the Playmill. Some of us also saw Guys & Dolls. The Playmill always puts on great plays! We love the Playmill!

Becket being his cute self.

Ryan, Cecily, & Becket at the Playmill.