Friday, November 20, 2009

Grandkids of the Week!

I had the opportunity to visit Beckett
(and of course those other 2 people
that live with him)
for a few days while Barry went
to Nantuckett to rate their hospital.
Beckett loves his baths!

I love kicking around in the water
and I also let Mom put water on my face.
That's a good thing so I won't
be afraid of water in my eyes
like Gigi!

And then I cuddled up in
my doggie towel and looked sooo cute!

I was pretty happy that fateful day.

I had just had my picture taken
and was smiling!

And then it happened. We went to
Texas Roadhouse and remembered my
Dad's birthday was just a few days before.
So we told the waitress and she brought
out the saddle for my Dad to sit on while
they sang and made LOTS of
noise for my Dad.

I didn't enjoy it one bit and started
crying and bawling my eyes out.
Good thing Aunt Des was
there to comfort me!

The next day I was happy again.

Then Gigi had to say goodbye
with many kisses.

Gigi came to work in Rexburg on Thursday
and stopped by to see and play with me
because I'm so cute & special!

We had lunch with my Mom & Dad
at the new eating area at BYU-I.
Then we went to my first cupcake
restaurant, The Cocoa Bean.
Gigi had a chocolate raspberry
cupcake and my Mom had a yummy drink
which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Today Gigi was able to play with me.
I was crying so Gigi put me in her
new swing. I loved the music and the
mobile that went round and round.
I also loved to swing!

I went right to sleep
and was soooo precious!

I was lulled right to sleep!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Baby Chick Chick

Little Baby Chick Chick
I see you.

And your little
peep, peep,
I hear too.

You are such a
fuzzy wuzzy ball

And you don't even
look like a chick at all.

Little Baby Chick Chick
eat and drink

Then you'll be a big chick
soon I think.
Then someday I'll see you
sitting on the fence
singing cocka-doodle-doo!

Skirting Around In Tutus

Mom & Gigi decided to make
me another tutu...this time
a much smaller one.

I tried out my little dance
& found that the tutu
worked very well.

I began
singing & dancing!

Dancing is definitely my talent!

I shouted with joy
when Gigi made
me this Shiny Star Skirt.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Times with the Great Kids!

Really, Really Cute Alexis

Dad, Mom, & Alexis

Mighty Max & his big Paci dreaming away.

Auntie Des kissing the Cute Pink Skeleton

Auntie Des loves her little Alexis!

I love you Auntie Deserae!

Alexis the Pink Skeleton's Big Smile.

Auntie Des & Alexis enjoying 1st Halloween

Alexis & her Mommy's Wild Halloween Socks

Mommy & Alexis on her 1st Halloween Night.

Auntie Des & the Great Pumpkin - Beckett

Beckett gives all a smile.

Happy Halloween to Everyone!

Beckett with his favorite pal - The pink flamingo

Aunti Des with the sweet froggie, Max.

Auntie Des & Sweet Max
on his 1st Halloween.

Mom, Dad, & Alex on her 1st Halloween.

Alexis on her First Halloween

We enjoyed our Halloween Weekend.
Max & Beckett as frogs,
Alexis as a flower & skeleton.
Max was also blessed on November 1, 2009.
All the family came and
it was really very nice!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let the Max Party Begin!

Let the Party begin! Max has arrived with Dad!

Let the Music begin with Max & Dad!

Let the Party REALLY begin
with Max & Gigi!

That Max is so darn soft & cuddly & kissable!
Gigi can't help herself!

Max could listen for hours to Dad's music -
In fact he does quite often!

Dad is very happy with his little Max.

Max cuddling with his Mom.

This party is pretty wild with all the cousins.
Alexis, Max, & Beckett.

Max signals with his fingers that he thinks
the party is OK!
Alexis agrees with Max and
Beckett mumbles yes as
he is busy chewing on both hands.

I want to Party too!

Everyone say cheese!

Everyone is getting along so well.

Grandpa & Gigi with their
3 Little Sweethearts.
Everyone had a great time at Max's party.
We had sandwiches, salads, & desserts.
We went home full & happy!