Monday, October 11, 2010

Cecily Likes Wake Boarding!

A smiling Cecily

as she conquers the wake board!

Weeeeeee~ What Fun!

I think I'll just relax a little!

I did it!

We couldn't keep her off!

Another day at Hebgen with
Eric, Cati, Cecily, & Bob!

Who is that guy under the umbrella as
we slowly coast into the dock?????

Why it's none other than the Great Mark!!!

Another Fun Day!
Cecily, Bob, Eric, & Cati.
(An unidentified passenger in the back)

Cati Wake Boarding

Beckett going into

the cold, cold water of
Hebgen Lake!

Mark is a Pro at Wake Boarding!

As is Cati!

Surf Cati, Surf!

Look Mom! Kein Handen!

Guten Tag!

Cati having great Spaz while Barry is having fun too!

Watch out for the waves!

Barry & Festus (aka Mark)

Cati learned wake boarding quickly~

Ah....another day in the Great Land of America!

Old Faithful 2010

Grandpa Barry, Cati, Ginger, Mark, & Alexis
just before Old Faithful erupts!
Cati taking a picture of Old Faithful getting started.


It's faithful most of the time!

Cati in front of Old Faithful!

Oh Give me a Home where the Antelope Rome!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yellowstone Aug 2010

Cati by the Firehole Drive Falls

Mr Squirrel blends in!

Bob, Mark, Barry, Deserae, & Cati
by some springs

Deserae, Mark, Cati, Chris, & Barry
enjoying the beauties of Yellowstone.

Ginger & Alexis eyeing some elk.

Wonderous Elk in the wild.

Cati, Alexis, & Ginger touring
Yellowstone in the Van.

Barry, Mark, Alexis, Ginger,
and Cati in front of the
Excelsior Geyser Crater.

Cati & Ginger in front of
The Grand Prismatic Spring.

Ginger, Cati, Barry, Ginger, & Alexis.
As we walked up to the Grand Prismatic
Spring the steam rose in different colors.

Alexis having fun in Yellowstone.

Cati & Mark

Cati, Barry, & Alexis

Alexis likes her stroller~

Mark, Barry, Cati, Ginger, & Alexis

Chris & Cati feeling the 'warm' water
of the Firehole River.

Cati & her first Bison.

Dreamy springs

Cati with found the Pot of Gold at
the end of the Rainbow!

Ginger, Chris, Cati, & Alexis
at the Beautiful Sapphire Pool.

Of's the Sapphire Pool

The water is hot and soooo clear!~

Grandpa with Alexis who is all
worn out from the busy day!