Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cheesy Grins from Beckett!

I started taking pictures of Beckett
& he just started smiling & posing
for the camera!

I couldn't believe that he was posing...
but he WAS!

Then he started really hamming it up!

I could see his teeth through his gums.

He just kept on smiling.

and being a ham.

Every time I would put the
camera up he started smiling.

He was having such a good time -

and so was I....He was just being so cute!

He kept on going.....

and smiling and smiling!

I just had to keep on taking more pictures.....

and more pictures!

He loved being a model!

And he gave us a good look at his new teeth!

This was a little later and he was still
posing and smiling!

We love you Beckett and all of the
cute surprises you give us!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Max Bag!

Me & My Aunt Deserae
enjoying Good Times!

Playtime Bath!

What a deal for $4.99!

Look what my Mommy found in
her Guitar Bag!

A little Maxwell!

Sweet, Sweet, Baby Maxwell!

Isn't he just a little doll?

Yes! We all Agree!

Beckett's First Teeth

I'm showing off my new teeth!

They are two little teeth on the bottom!

I'm growing up Mommy & Daddy!

Pretty soon I'll be able to have a Steak!

The Three Beautiful Grandchildren

Alexis, Beckett & Max
chillin' on Gigi and Grandpa Bennett's Couch.

Alexis smiling, while Beckett & Max
are quite interested in the big black
camera taking their pictures.

Alexis still smiling while the boys are dazed.

Alexis & Beckett like to play.

Please don't mess up my hair, Beckett!

I just want to give you a hug!

My Mom curled my hair and
I don't want it to get messed up!

Hi everyone!

Smiling is part of my Charm.

Thanks for taking a close up picture!

I'm keeping my eye on everyone today!

I like coming to Idaho Falls
to visit my cousins!

When the family gets together
I like to smile!

She's touching me so
I am touching her!

What shall we play with next?

Play with me!

I'm always a fun little ball of Happiness!

I'm as cute as a monkey!

The grandkids were together again and
of course it was a very fun time!
They are all beautiful & fun!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Maxwell's 1st Tasting Party!

Parents having fun at
Max's 1st Tasting Party!

I still like my fingers!

My fingers can go all sorts of places!

Mmmmm...licking my thumb!

This party is fun!

I see you trying to take my picture
while I'm trying to eat!

This food party is all over me!

Mom!! I can eat with my hands!

I'm a cute little guy!

Mom & Dad are having so much fun!

Food, food, glorious food!

I'm 5 months and love my doting parents!

See me with my mouth full of food!

It was a lovely party and
I really liked the food part!