Friday, September 17, 2010

Hebgen Lake August 2010 #1

Eric showing off the 1st day at Hebgen Lake!

Great Form Mark!

Cati in the Water

Cati getting up out of the water!

The 3 Wake Boarders ~
Mark, Eric, & Cati.

Chris & Cati.
I was at Sam's Club and there was the
Cadillac of Tubes! I bought it
right on the spot!

Mark & Ginger Floating in Hebgen!

That was a Great Ride!

Mark, Ginger, & Alexis all bundled up
to go on a boat ride in Hebgen Lake!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goin' to Jackson!

Somehow we ended up in Downtown Idaho Falls

trying on cute, little

old fashioned hats!
Aren't we so darling?

We drove over to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We decided to find out about the float trips!

And before you know it we were
wearing wet suits & hooked into a
trip down the Snake River!
Cati & Deserae were brave & sat
in the very front! I was not so
brave and sat in the very back!
It was great getting very wet!

Here we are after the float trip in
Jackson Hole town square!
Love all the Antlers?
There is one on every corner of the square.

A closer look!

We had a delicious meal ~

And a delicious dessert!

On the way home we saw some

hay that looked like loaves of bread.
Very interesting!

Cati, our German friend, found a favorite
friend while in the states~T.J.MAXX!

And she found a beautiful
Calvin Klein dress!

Cati also found Herbie the Love Bug
just around the corner from where we live!
Imagine----in Idaho of all places!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday 1 Year Olds!

Max, Cecily, & Beckett
waiting for the Party to begin!

Des & Alexis with her 1st Birthday Shirt.

Des & Alexis eating some pre-party chips.

Ginger, Rhonda, Spencer, Isabelle,
Juanita, & Marlu enjoying the
grilled Hamburger & Hot Dog lunch.

Virginia, Ryan, Cecily, Beckett, John, & Emma.
Beckett is getting ready for a swim!

Amy, Laurel, Deserae, Travis, Julie
enjoying the Birthday Lunch!

Ginger's Brother, Spencer and his kids,
Isabelle & Aaron.

Mighty Max on Dad's shoulders.

The Happy Birthday Scene.
Max on the left side & Alexis on the right.

Beckett loved playing
in the water with the balls.

Alexis & Beckett in the ball pool.

Alexis on the slide.

Claire, Ginger, Alexis, Arianna
happily playing.

Alexis loved the balls-one for each hand
made her very happy!

In ball heaven!

Let's play ball!

Max's masterful guitar cake!

Alexis' beautiful butterfly carrot cake!

Alexis getting her first look
at her birthday cake!

Touching it!

Feeling it.

Tasting it!


I think I want some more!

Tastes sweet!

Thank you Mommy!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Dad thought Alexis might like a
cucumber after tasting her cake!
Imagine that?!?!?

Proud Mom & Dad with
their cute little one year old!

Dad still wants Alexis to take his gift!


The blue frosting is great!

Gigi, Grandpa Barry., Grandma Juanita,
Ginger, Mark wishing Alexis
a Wonderful 1st Birthday!

Joanna & Max getting excited for the
tasting of the Guitar Cake!

Mom, Dad, & Max before
the great guitar!

Mark, Jesus, Adrianna, Christy, Randy,
Rhonda, Cecily, Julie, Kendra gleefully
looking at Max eating the guitar!

Max seems to like it!

But something must be
more interesting to look at.


Finger-lickin' good!

Want some Dad?

I want more!!!

Yay! Max claps his hands so cute!
One hand on top slightly patting the other.

Yay!!! Clapping some more!

And some more!

Barry, Gigi, Julie, Travis, Joanna, & Dad
wishing Max a Most Happy Birthday!

Deserae, Cecily, Ryan, Joanna, Eric,
Mark, & Ginger wishing the 1 year olds
a Great Birthday!

Eric's Band friends came.
Randy & Derek!

Opening the presents!

A fun musical gift!

Dad helping Max.

Dad put a bow on Max to make
him look very handsome!

A guitar.....imagine that!

A see & say!

A warm hat for the cold Idaho days ahead!

A drum set & a quilt!

Max smiles

and says, "Thanks!"

I loved everything!

Max loves the quilt Aunt Deserae made!

Mom, Dad, & Alexis.

It's Alexis' turn

to open her presents!


I'm excited!

Cuddling her new doll!

Some blocks!

I really love the decorations!

Pretty little girl!

Aunt Deserae made this quilt for Alexis!

Alexis claps & says, "Thanks Aunt Deserae!"

Great Grandma Marlu with Beckett.

He always makes her smile!

After Party Playing!
Max carried these balloons around
everywhere for at least an hour!

"Thanks Aunt Deserae for the
beautiful, warm quilt!"

We had grilled hamburgers & hot dogs,
fruit, pasta salad, birthday cake, &
ice cream. We also had 2 little pools
with water & balls that the kids enjoyed!
Max & Alexis opened presents.
We had a wonderful Birthday Party
for 2 Wonderful, Spectacular,
Well-Loved kids!
Happy Birthday Max & Alexis!
We Love You!