Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cati Arrives!

We waited & waited & finally Cati came out!

Chris greeted her first.

And then Eric gave her a hug!

We are going to have a fun time with
Cati, our friend from Germany!
Joanna made Wonderful Sign!
Thanks Joanna!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Alexis Poses

I took some pics of Alexis

for her 1st Birthday Party Invitation.

Look at all my teeth!

I love the camera!

I can stick out my tongue!

Ha ha ha!

I love to play peek-a-boo!

Here's my mellow side!
Alexis is 11 months old!

Smiling Max

Here is Max without his glasses.
He's a happy kid no matter what!

I took some pics of Handsome Max

for his 1st Birthday Invitation.

Max really got into it!

He moves very quick!

He loves sticking out his tongue.
When he was first born he did that a lot!

Sweet, Adorable Max!

Isn't he just the cutest?

I took all of these pictures and then found
out that I needed to take his picture vertical
for the invitation. Oh well, I get to take
more pictures which I love to do!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Making Really Cute Jewelry!

Close up of necklace.

Here are my necklace & earrings!
Joanna taught us how to make them!
They are quite easy and very beautiful!
Thanks Joanna!

Joanna, Cecily, & Ginger
making their jewelry.

Showing off their jewelry.

They each made a necklace,
earrings, & a bracelet!

Max found a new toy called Mommy's necklace!

Here is Gigi wearing 3 necklaces -
One can never have too many.
Emma with Beckett and Virginia
in the background.

Emma & Beckett
Thanks Emma for playing with Beckett
and having soooo much fun with him!

Playing in the front yard

All the lovely ladies with their lovely jewelry!
Thanks Virginia for letting us use all of your
jewelry making tools and your house!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Super Weekend!

3 of our kids with 3 of their kids!

Have you ever tried to get 3 little kids
to sit still and smile?

You're lucky if you get all 3 in the picture.

Alexis, Beckett, & Max playing with
a musical toy Cecily had when she was little.
Max REALLY enjoys it!

The 3 Cute Little Munchkins!

I put the piano bench up so they couldn't
crawl around...Someone didn't like that.

Barry, Eric, & Emma cleaning up.

We hosted a dinner with all the in-laws.
Joanna, John, Ginger, Alexis,
Virginia, Beckett, Cecily, & Marlu.

Beckett standing under the trampoline.
He likes to walk in the grass.

Super Emma flew in for a visit.

Emma & Beckett enjoying the tramp.

Beckett liked to be with Emma
on the Trampoline.

Alexis with her favorite toy...a pen!

Watch out for Cecily! She likes
to trap little children named Beckett!

Alexis being happy with Aunt Cecily!

Mark making Alexis & Beckett smile big smiles!

Lovely Great Grandma Marlu
with her charming Beckett.

Aunt Emma & Beckett on the trampoline.

Alexis and her Mom sure are the
picture of happiness!

After a Big Day Beckett falls asleep
with Mr. Teddy on the front room floor.
Gigi rubbed his head and sang
him a song and he fell fast asleep.
Sweet Dreams!