Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Happy Birthday!

I almost forgot to take
a picture of my lovely presents!
Thanks everybody!

I like to go to Babe's for my Birthday
because.... they have great food
and you get to choose
a free dessert of your choice!
Of course my choice was......
Raspberry Cream Pie!

And they even brought it
with a candle on top.
Max is practicing blowing out
the candle for his big day!

On TuesdayMy Wonderful Friends
took me to Babe's for My Birthday.
They gave me wonderful presents!
Thank you all so much!
Hannah, Amy, Linda, Max
Me, & Trish.

Joanna, Eric, & Max joined in on the fun!

Today I enjoyed Babes with some
more of my Great Family!

Marlu Nelson came also.

Marlu is my Birthday Twin.
We like each other a lot!
She is very nice!
She is also Family...Ryan's Grandma.

Alexis then attended the
evening festivities for Gigi!
She loves straws.

We played and she smiled!

Grandpa, Gigi & Alexis at Jaker's.

We all love Alexis!

She decided she liked to lick that plate clean.

Thanks Mark, Alexis, & Ginger for
helping me celebrate my Birthday.
I like to go to Jaker's because they give
you 50% of any entree if you show
them your Driver's License to prove
it is really your Birthday.

After dinner I attended a Relief Society Birthday Party.
Wasn't it nice that they held a
Birthday Party just for me?
Karla Ashton spoke on
"Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken"
It was great!
One of the things she has learned in her life
is not to question why something happens,
but to ask HOW. Asking God How she can
endure through trials instead of
asking, "Why me?"

We were treated with cupcakes and
chocolate covered cheesecake.

Thanks for all the
Birthday Wishes, Food, Presents,
Fun, & Friendship!
I had a Very Wonderful Day!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cool People in the Pool!

Splash, Splash, Splash.

Look Daddy! I'm floating!

C'mon everybody,

C'mon in!

Beckett & Alexis are going to
show you how to swim!

Kinda like the monkey,
Kinda like the twist.

When you're in the water-
you float like this!

Swimming suits on,
swimming suits on,

You look really cool with
your swimming suits on!

Alexis do the swim.

Babies do the swim.

Alexis come on out of the Pool,

And Beckett will act really cool!

C'mon babies now

do as you wish.

Hang on to the pole,

And pose for a smile.

Splash it up Beckett,

twist & shout!

Now do the swim Alexis,

Now work it on out.

Swim like you wanna, it's alright!

Alexis is gonna show you...

how to swim tonight!

Swim Alexis Swim!

Now do the Backstroke.

And swim on Beckett's belly.

I went for a walk

and I saw a pool

and the people swimming
were really cool!

They swam to the left,
and swam to the right.

They got out of the pool
and were a beautiful sight!

Beckett's gonna do the swim
for you all day & night!

Now Nobody's left in the swimming pool.
They rode in their carriages
until they went home.
They were no fools!

Fun day at the Holiday Inn Express.
Thanks to the Landons for
our day was the Best!