Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Blogging! (Today that is)

Cecily has roped me into blogging. She's been doing it since the start and now she wants me to blog! Can you believe that? I thought she would just do it for me.....but NO!!!! She treats me like her child!!! I have been down in Salt Lake for a few days. I took care of my Mom and my brother, Ross for a couple of days. Ryan, Cecily, (My other Mother), and I went to Keziah Daum's baptism today. She was so cute dressed all in white! It was a special day!

Then we met up with Deserae and went to the movie, Forbidden Kingdom. If you like A LOT OF FIGHTING, this is the movie for you. But it was very good. Lots of ACTION!!!! Then we ate at Sweet Tomatoes. It was soooooo sweet!!! It was 'Lemon Month' and they were serving that wonderful, yummy treat - Lemon Lava Cake.............YUMMY!! This has been so fun with Cecily and Ryan helping me every step of the way.....Thanks!!!! THANKS!!!!! AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ryan and Cecily said...

Mom, you're funny! :)

Nice post!

Kelsi, John, Jake, & Georgia said...

WELCOME Christine!! Blogging is lots of fun and a great way for family to keep updated... that's why I do it... oh and to have as a family journal. :)

love the pictures from israel and the video of grandma playing the piano. thanks for sharing.