Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have a sick feeling

I have never felt so sick in my life as today. Americans have voted for abortion, for same sex marriage, for bigger government, more taxes, and essentially for Socialism when they voted for him. The American Dream is all about working hard so that you can earn your money, your future. Today Americans have voted against that. They have voted for a man who doesn't believe in that dream. He believes the government should give to everyone, except those who work hard to earn a living. I am not proud of his way of government at all. It is not American. It helps those who want to be lazy, and not earn their way. I am sick. I hope America doesn't change if it changes what America has stood for. But I'm afraid too many people want to think that this president will "put gas in their cars, pay their mortgage, put food on their table" (quoted from an Obama Supporter) and they won't have to work for it because the Government is going to take care of them no matter what!! SOCIALISM! I go walking with a friend and she said that the Second Coming will come sooner if Obama is elected. I believe her. I guess that's one good thing. America has voted. They have voted against America and what America has stood for. I have a sick feeling in my heart. I am not going to be able to stand to hear him talk. It's going to be like listening to Clilnton, which I didn't do, all over again! The only hope I have is in the Gospel and the peace that it brings.