Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beautiful Max is Blessed

I am Beautiful Max.

I am blessed with two Superific parents,
Joanna & Eric

I am blessed with great extended family on the Bennett side.
Alexis, Ginger, Mark, Mom, Me, Dad,
Ryan, Beckett, Cecily, Deserae,
Grandpa, & Gigi who all love me
and attended my blessing day.

I am blessed to have a Wonderful
Grandma & Grandpa Mitchell who
adore me and love me.

I am a very happy baby.

I like to lay on my cuddly, soft,
blue blanket and look handsome.

I really enjoy showing off my
fascinating tongue!

I enjoy talking a lot!

Thanks Dad for preparing yourself through your life
to be my Dad and to be able to use
your Priesthood and bestow
upon me a glorious blessing.

Thanks Mom for the lovely meals I enjoy each day.
And thanks for preparing yourself
while you were young to be
my dear, sweet, precious Mother.

Everyone says I am so cute, and I must agree!

I must apologize to my
amazing parents for
bursting for joy at the seams
during my blessing.
I was just so happy!

Thanks for everyone coming to see me!
There was more than a houseful of people!
It was great!

I was excited to come to earth to be
with my Spectacular Family!
Families are forever!

Little Baby Max, Max
I love you!
And I love your Big Brown Eyes,
I do.
You are such a Rolypoly Boy
and you make lots
of cutsie noises for us all!
(Adapted from a song of
Great Grandma Bennett)


Cecily said...

Max is so handsome! Love the pics :)

deserae said...

I think it is so great that Max and Eric wore the same blessing outfits!

Anonymous said...

Max is soooo cute :)

Barry said...

Great commentary on an awesome little guy!