Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Super Weekend!

3 of our kids with 3 of their kids!

Have you ever tried to get 3 little kids
to sit still and smile?

You're lucky if you get all 3 in the picture.

Alexis, Beckett, & Max playing with
a musical toy Cecily had when she was little.
Max REALLY enjoys it!

The 3 Cute Little Munchkins!

I put the piano bench up so they couldn't
crawl around...Someone didn't like that.

Barry, Eric, & Emma cleaning up.

We hosted a dinner with all the in-laws.
Joanna, John, Ginger, Alexis,
Virginia, Beckett, Cecily, & Marlu.

Beckett standing under the trampoline.
He likes to walk in the grass.

Super Emma flew in for a visit.

Emma & Beckett enjoying the tramp.

Beckett liked to be with Emma
on the Trampoline.

Alexis with her favorite toy...a pen!

Watch out for Cecily! She likes
to trap little children named Beckett!

Alexis being happy with Aunt Cecily!

Mark making Alexis & Beckett smile big smiles!

Lovely Great Grandma Marlu
with her charming Beckett.

Aunt Emma & Beckett on the trampoline.

Alexis and her Mom sure are the
picture of happiness!

After a Big Day Beckett falls asleep
with Mr. Teddy on the front room floor.
Gigi rubbed his head and sang
him a song and he fell fast asleep.
Sweet Dreams!


Cecily said...

I love these pictures!! They're adorable!!!

deserae said...

I wish I could have been there! :) said...

it was lots of fun. thanks for the picture's. missed you des.