Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sun Valley Ice Show

We've been going to Sun Valley many years for the Idaho Medical Association Meetings and this is the first time we have seen the Ice Show. It was great! Many skaters who were Bronze and Silver Medalists, US Medalists, a European Medalist, etc. These were some very young skaters who performed in the 'cow' outfits. They were sooo cute!

Here is Viktor Petrenko. He was of course amazing. But the other skaters were amazing as well. One couple, Melissa Gregory & Denis Petukhov were our favorite. He scared everyone though, because as he would twirl around Melissa her face got so near to the ice the audience thought she was going to slam her face! It was unbelievable! This pic is very blurry! Sorry. The show doesn't start until dark.

Viktor Petrenko with a fan.

Viktor Petrenko signing our program.

The show began at around 9:30 p.m. It was held at the ice rink right behind our hotel. We opted to not sit in the bleachers, because bleachers are very uncomfortable. For $10.00 a piece more we got to sit on a covered patio in a regular chair and eat treats to our hearts' content. It was a great experience to see a real ice show. They were very talented.


Cecily said...

How fun!! I would love to see an ice show! You two are so lucky!