Monday, August 3, 2009

Beckett's Blessing Day - August 2, 2009

Beckett was happy that we came to his Blessing!

He even smiled for us.

I was lucky to capture his smile.

He likes sticking out his tongue.

But alas, he was too tired and fell asleep.

Mom is getting Beckett ready for his bath.

He likes his bath.

But alas, he was too tired and fell asleep again!

Uncle Mark and Aunt Emma taking care of Beckett while Mom gets ready. No one is to touch his hair!

Beckett likes his Aunt Deserae.

Oh Oh --- Someone is touching Beckett's hair ---I wonder who that could be!

Now Beckett is touching Des' hair.

Mom & Dad getting Beckett into his blessing clothes.

Almost done.

Beautiful Beckett

A Happy Family

He's already to go to the church!

Deserae strolling Beckett to church.

After the blessing we had a lunch at Cecily and Ryan's clubhouse.

Beckett slept again.

He was so peaceful amidst all the noise.

Great Grandma Jenkins with Beckett.

4 generation - Ryan, John, Jay, Beverly, & Beckett. Beckett does cry every once in a while.

Jacob, Jordyn & Cecily.

Great Grandpa Jenkins & Beckett.

Cecily & her former roommate Toni Nelson

Great Grandma Marianne, Cecily, Barry, & Cute Beckett.

Cousins Pam & Jordyn

2nd Cousin Ethan and Tyler

GG Nelson & Jenkins still going strong after a long day! Wonder Women!

Aunts Emma & Deserae enjoying Beckett

Aunt Emma & Beckett

Aunt Emma loving Beckett.

Aunts Emma & Deserae having fun with Beckett.

Finally Grandpa gets some time with Beckett.

Grandma & Grandpa time with Beckett.

On our drive home we saw a rainbow. A perfect end to a perfect day!


Ryan said...

I was wondering what your finger was doing "poking" Beckett's head, lol. You were touching his hair!!! haha

Cecily said...

p.s. That was my comment...I was accidentally signed in as Ryan.

Bob and Joy Bennett said...

LOVE this entry! Good work!!