Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Opening Presents!

Aunt Emma was happy
to come to Beckett's Birthday!

Aunt Deserae & Alexis were
both excited to celebrate his
birthday also!

Max came in his party attire!
Eric, Max, & Joanna
We Love Parties!

Gigi gives Beckett Birthday Kisses.

When Grandma Virginia is
around, it's one big party!

Des & Beckett posing for Birthday Pics.
Ginger & Alexis getting ready to party!

The 3 party animals!

We're all about Fun!

And then there were 4 party animals!

Alexis is tired of wearing her birthday hat.

Let the Present Opening Begin!

Aunt Emma & Beckett opening
the first present.

Aunt Des & Beckett opening a
helicopter from G Grandma Marlu.

Opening books from Gigi & Grandpa Bennett.

The Happy Birthday Family.

Max would rather eat his hat
than wear it. MMMMM Good!

More books!
Hawaiian Shirt from the Jenkins.

Love your party hat your
Mom made for you!

Beckett's new blankie!

It was lovingly made by
Aunt Deserae!

Becket really likes it!

Where's my presents?

Birthday Boy with Birthday Cake
& Mom & Dad.

Grandpa Jenkins showing Beckett
where to blow out his candle.

Yay! The Candle was blown out.

Time for cake!

Goodbye Max! Thanks for
coming to my party!

All that Birthday Partying wore out everyone!
Happy Happy Birthday Beckett!
We all Love You Very Much!


Cecily said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Beckett!!! I love my little one year old! :)

deserae said...

It was a great time! Too bad we couldn't make it to the zoo, but we had fun anyway!

deserae said...
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