Saturday, October 9, 2010

Moab - Delicate Arch

Welcome to Utah, Cati!

The sign turned neon!

Beckett is ready to go to Moab!

The moon greets us on our way.
This picture does not do justice.
It was so much bigger in real life!

Cati, Cecily, Beckett, & Deserae
get ready to climb up the
mountain in Moab.

It was around 84 degrees.

But it was hot.

At last we found some shade!

Climb the rock stairs.

Pioneer children sang as they
walked & walked & walked & walked.....

More shade! Yay!!

Interesting geological sites along the way!

More shade! I didn't realize that
we had found so much shade!

Beckett loves Mom carrying him!

We spot our first arch!

It's a beauty!

Everywhere we looked there was something
interesting & fascinating to see!

We rounded the corner and beheld....

The Delicate Arch!
Cecily & Cati are in this picture somewhere!

It was waaaaay impressive!
Cecily & Cati are standing in the middle.


There was wildlife waiting to eat our apple core!

Beckett playing opposite the arch.

This bird was what you would call a

Deserae & Beckett feeling fulfilled

after our 'little' hike!

Gigi, Deserae & Beckett loving the outdoors!

Scenery on the opposite side of the Arch.

Gorgeous Red Rock!

Beckett taking Auntie Des for a walk!

It was not level here...
Beckett had a hard time walking.

Another arch. Beautiful!

Walking downward!

On our way we would see piles of rocks.
These were put there to show people the
way to the Delicate Arch.

On top of the rock pile we saw Mr Friendly Lizard!

One could get lost if not for the rock piles!

Umbrellas came in very handy to protect us from the sun.

Deserae, Cati, Cecily & Beckett walking some more.

The scenery was spectacular!

At last Beckett was so tired from all that
walking. He fell fast asleep!

We saw a little frog in the creek as we walked
over the bridge.

This man was a crazy man.
He took his family to live way out in
the middle of nowhere in the hot dessert
for 10 years! Click on the picture and
you'll be able to read it.

Here was his second house after his daughter
convinced him to build a more civilized home.

Beckett is back in his car seat and is
ready for more adventures!


Cecily said...

Delicate Arch was a lot of "fun", haha. It was so beautiful! Great photos, Mom!

Christine said...

Great pictures! Delicate Arch is indeed beautiful. You are quite an accomplished photographer! Marlu

Barry said...

Awe inspiring! I wish I could have been there.

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Wonderful photos. Looks like a great getaway. I live in Utah too :-)