Sunday, February 21, 2010

4 Generations 2010

4 Generations -
Eric Franklin Bennett - 1986
Geraldine Delores Chapman Buhler - 1921
Maxwell Franklin Bennett - 2009
Christine Buhler Bennett - 1957

Great Grandma Buhler & Max.

We told Great Grandma to
smile with her teeth and the
second picture is the result!

Max surrounded with Love.
Eric, Great Grandma Buhler, Joanna, &
of course Handsome Max!

Great Grandma enjoying
the Baby Max!

Max loves to stand &
look as cute as he can be!

Beckett with Great Uncle Bill,
Great Aunt Judith, & Great Grandma Buhler.
They all agree - Beckett is one adorable little boy!

Great Uncle Ross giving his
Great Nephew Beckett
a kiss on the cheek as
Great Uncle Bill holds Beckett.

G. Uncle Bill holds pretty Alexis.
G. Aunt Judith.

When asked who was sitting on her lap,
Great Grandma Buhler replied, "Some little kid!"

"And he's a little cutie pie!"

Then we all laughed!

Of course Mark wanted to
steal everyone's heart
so he placed Alexis' pretty pink flower
on his beautiful red hair!
Isn't he a beautiful big doll???

Pretty darn cute Alexis with
her pretty darn cute Aunt Deserae!

With her Valentine Dress on
Alexis & Deserae play
together on Valentine's Day!

Great Grandma Buhler
& Alexis Lanelle Bennett

Mark Barry Bennett
Delores Geraldine Chapman Buhler
Christine Buhler Bennett
Alexis Lanelle Bennett
Ginger Louise Hawley Bennett

Mark Barry Bennett - 1981
Delores Geraldine Chapman Buhler - 1921
Christine Bennett - 1957
Alexis Lanelle Bennett - 2009

Mark, Great Grandma Buhler,
Ginger, & Alexis

Alexis & G. Aunt Judith in
GG Buhler's Front Room,
Midvale, Utah.

G. Aunt Judith, Alexis, & G. Uncle Bill.

4 Generations
Beckett Thomas Jenkins - 2009
Christine Buhler Bennett -1957
Delores Geraldine Chapman - 1921
Cecily Bennett Jenkins - 1983

Becket, Ryan, GG Buhler, Cecily.

G. Uncle Bill, G. Aunt Judith, Gigi, Alexis, & Ginger in GG Buhler's Living Room.

Four Generation Pictures were very fun!
Beckett, Max, & Alexis are very fortunate
to have their pictures taken with
all the family that loves them!


Cecily said...

What a "great" post! lol. Great pictures, mom!