Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Valentine from Alexis!

Mark, Ginger & Alexis visited us

The brought a homemade Valentine
that Alexis enjoyed chewing

The Valentine had Alexis' hands drawn on it.
And there were some
really cute pictures of Alexis!

Well, hello there Bright Eyes!

Let's shake hands and be friends!

I'm a Happy Little Girl,

Who loves to smile

especially when my Mommy tickles me.

I'm so cute,

and laugh all day!

Smile, Smile, Smile

at all times and all the while.

Little Miss Cutie Pie!

I bring a lot of Joy to my family.

I'm a Precious Daughter of God.

Gigi helps me sit up.

This picture reminds Gigi of Beckett.

I sometimes stare at interesting things.

Now I'm letting you look at my
beautiful long eyelashes.

I lay on my back a lot these days!

I love my pretty purple headband.

It fits right into my mouth!

I was just chewing and chewing.
It had so much texture!

That camera is very interesting!

Where's the Milk?

Bye Bye for now from Alexis.


Cecily said...

Oh, isn't she so cute! I love the pics, but especially the last one! Her eyelashes are really something!

deserae said...

What a beautiful baby!!!

Mark & Ginger said...

Those are awsome picture's. such a pretty girl. she's such a joy, and we're glad to have her.

Barry said...

Great piics of an awesome little girl!