Thursday, May 27, 2010

2nd Day in Yellowstone - Morning

On the second morning
we saw these elk.

The elk just love to eat!

No posing today.

The Bison and the
cute baby bison take a nap.

Going to find another place
to eat, I suppose!

The bison sharing the land
with the birds.
Interesting that the birds
& the bison live in harmony.

Of course there was road work. We had
to wait around 15-20 minutes.

We've seen a lot of bison
but no bears!

Something we found on a side road.
Sheepeater Cliff:
This cliff was named for the Shoshone
Indians who lived throughout this
mountainous region.
Their use of bighorn sheep earned them
the name "Tukadika" or "Sheepeaters".
The cliff is basalt lava that formed
"columnar joints" when it cooled
nearly 500,000 years ago.

And then finally we saw it!
Grizzly Bears!
We saw them from quite a distance-
can you see them in the middle
by the trees? 4 cubs & a Momma.

We could hardly see them either.
This nice man named Bart (who had
a German accent) let me put my
camera on his very expensive
lens to take a picture.
There were so many photographers with
their cameras set up!

And so I was able to take these pictures.

There were 4 cubs & a Momma.

But I could only get a picture of 3 cubs.

They were just like little kids,
playing & wrestling with each other.

We were happy to see the Grizzly Family!
A little tip to see things is to stop when you
see a lot of cars & a park ranger!


Cecily said...

I'm so glad you saw a little grizzly family! I would have loved to see those bear cubs!