Friday, May 28, 2010

Yellowstone 2nd Day Afternoon

We drove to Mammoth Hot Springs
And saw these beautiful formations.

This tree is like many trees at
Mammoth Hot Springs....
overtaken by the
chemicals in the water.

The formation below is called
White Elephant Back Terrace.

This is a Hot Springs Cone.
It used to be a hot springs that
just kept building up and now
it is a hot springs no more.

This elk welcomed us into
Mammoth Hot Springs.

The Bison & their babies just grazing
on the lawn in front of some buildings
in Mammoth Hot Springs.

Chris enjoying watching the babies.

Barry enjoying touring.

Amazing to see these Bison just
roaming all over the grounds.

We saw these Bison a little ways off.
And in the middle were Bull Elk
sticking their horns out.

Just a beautiful scenic picture of Yellowstone.

We came to this Mountain Goat.
He was out on the road and then ran away
behind this wall. I shot up out through the
sun roof to get a picture and all of a sudden
he was just staring at me for quite a while.
I like this picture the best!

Here is the Mountain Goat
scampering around the mountain.

He was a cute little guy!

A rock formation we saw on our way.

All of a sudden we were in the mountains.

And there was a ton of snow.
Look how tall the snow is
off the side of the road!

We enjoyed our tour of Yellowstone.
I didn't realize that you had to drive
through such high mountains!


Cecily said...

The hot springs cone looks like a gnome! It has a hat and then a very detailed face at the bottom! haha.

The mountain goat picture is a really good one! Looks like fun!

Barry said...

It looks just about as awesome as it really was. said...

wow!! what great picture's and scenery. glad you had fun. thanks for coming to visit us a minute too.

Christine said...

Cecily - it does look like a gnome!