Monday, May 31, 2010

Memories of Memorial Day 2010

We had a nice visit with our Great Relatives!
Jordyn, Jessica, Ashley, John,
Alexis, Pam, & Joy.

Pam holding Alexis who doesn't know
quite what to do with lots of people in the house!

Cousins with the Cousins!
Jessica, Jordyn, Eric, Max, Mark, & Alexis!

Alexis, Barry, Max, Chris, Bob, & Joy.

Alexis & Max enjoying a
Beautiful Memorial Day!

L to R: Del, Linda, Pam, Jon, Eric, Joanna,
Max, Barry, Mark, Ginger, Alexis,
Jordyn, Ashley, & Jessica

L to R: Del, Linda, Pam, Jon, Max, Joanna,
Barry, Chris, Ginger, Alexis, Ashley
Mark, Jordyn, Jessica.

Alexis thinks she is a helicopter
with the help of Dad!

Jordyn couldn't get
enough of her Mom!

Max was all smiles.

Ah ha! I have the pink bear
& the purple star!

But I want the purple star!

Ah ha! I got it!

Oh well, I still have the pink bear!

I want to feel your teeth!

Now I want your cute yellow glasses!

And I want to see!

See my two teeth?

Happy, Happy, Happy, Boy!

We're almost 9 months old!

Seeing the babies at play!

Wonderous Max & his Dad.

Gorgeous Alexis & her Mom!

I REALLY like this Pink Teddy Bear
even if my Dad doesn't!!

Alexis sure is a sweetie pie!

Always looking in wonder!

Today we had two different sets of visitors
from Utah. Barry's sister, Linda, and her
family, and Barry's brother, Bob & his
wife, Joy. Linda was going to Yellowstone
& Bob and Joy were coming back
from Montana! They didn't know
each other would be here
so it was a nice surprise reunion!


Joanna and Eric said...

You got some cute pictures Mom!

Cecily said...

Those are some cute pictures! That's funny that Linda and Del & Bob and Joy came to your house and didn't know about the other! Cute pics. :)Happy Memorial Day!

Bob and Joy Bennett said...

Great pics! Was a fun visit.