Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pirate Island Pizza with Cousins

Cec, Ryan, & Beckett getting ready
to enjoy the 'Pirate' experience.

Chris & Deserae look
forward to seeing what the
'Krakin Pizza' looks like.
It came and it was HUGE!
Should have taken a pic...
maybe next time.
Des bought a $50 gift certificate
for 25$ and treated us all
to Pirate Island Pizza!

Very slyly we finally got Ethan's face
in the pic with Liz & Tyler.

Darrell, Brianne, & Brynn with her bow.
Darrell came and did some homework, and
Brianne missed her Relief Society Meeting
to come. We were happy to see them!

Jessica, Jordyn, Chris, Beckett, & Deserae.
We really had to watch
all of those little fingers!
Jordyn tipped over a glass of water
on herself, the table & Jessica.

Arghhhh! We love Pirate Island!

Beckett really didn't really want to play pirate!

Saying Goodbye to Daddy Pirate
as he leaves to sail the seas.

Jordyn in her new outfit after
her little bath!

Jordyn showing off her strawing abilities!

Mommy loves her Beckett!

2nd Cousins Beckett & Jordyn
enjoy playing together.

Hi everyone!
I'm more fun than a video game!

I visited Max after Church on Sunday--
notice his white shirt & tie.
Max was in the pack n play
& Joanna started talking to him.
This beautiful smiling picture
of Max was the result!
I love it!


deserae said...

I think we need to give Cecily pirate lessons! Just kidding! That dinner was a lot of fun!

Cecily said...

Yes, I'm afraid I don't make a very good pirate. I could use some pirate lessons! haha. What a fun night.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time! I'm jealous!

Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

never heard of pirate island pizza, is it new to utah? looks like ya'll had a great time there.

Christine said...

It's by University Mall. It has some neat atmosphere...kind of like a mini Rainforest Cafe.

Joanna and Eric said...

Cec has a great pirate face. I don't know why you guys think she needs lessons :) Cute cute pictures!

Bob and Joy Bennett said...

Wow, what a fun event! And to get so many people there, too! For some reason in all the hub bub of things lately, I didn't realize you all got together. How neat!

Mark & Ginger said...

max looks happy. I feel sorry 'sniff' for beckett while his daddy goes off looting ships to support his family.