Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Well, I did it again! I will start with the
end of Thanksgiving
because I keep forgetting
that the first picture I put on

my post is always the last.
Here is Grandpa & Gig
i holding
Beckett & Max after having a

Great Thanksgiving!

Here is Grandma 'Tutu' being funny.
She likes to make necklaces and
here is her latest!

Grandpa Bennett & Jenkins with Beckett

Of course what would Thanksgiving
be without a serenade from Eric?

Auntie Em & Ryan being brother
& sister....just plain goofing off!

Gigi & Max laughing together!

It's Max's 1st Thanksgiving &
he really enjoyed the day!

It was also Beckett's
1st Thanksgiving with Grandpa!

Beckett's Auntie Em played with
Max and made him smile & smile!

Max relaxing after the big Thanksgiving Feast!

Grandpa & Max talking about
the first Thanksgiving Feast in 1691.

Grandma & Grandpa Jenkins
taking turns holding Beckett.
Where is Emma? She usually holds him!

Auntie Emma, Gigi, Grandpa Barry, Cecily, Ryan & Beckett
Auntie Emma, Eric, Joanna,
Great Grandma Marlu,
Grandpa John, & Grandma Virginia.

We missed Deserae, Mark, Ginger, & Alexis.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving Feast!
The table was set with a Thanksgiving-themed
paper tablecloth & napkins that Barry
bought on our trip to Boston. (Remember--
by where the first Thanksgiving took place)
We had Turkey, dressing,
whole cranberry sauce,
brown sugar & walnut yams, green salad,
Idaho potatoes & gravy, KFC coleslaw,
cranberry-jello salad, & fruit salad.
We drank diet pomegranate soda, &
diet 7-Up mixed with white grape juice.
For dessert we enjoyed pumpkin cheesecake,
chocolate pecan pie,
banana coconut creme pie,
pumpkin pie, & apple pie.
Needless to say we were all full & happy!
We went around the table and shared
what we were thankful for.
Many included Family, Jesus Christ,
the Temple, Health, the Gospel, America.
I might think of
more after people read this...
Oh --- and of course everyone
was thankful for Virginia!

After we played a roaring game of Quiddler.

I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving!
I am thankful for those brave pilgrims
who came to America to be able to
worship freely. And I'm also grateful
to the Indians who welcomed them and taught
them to survive and fed them!

The Lord prepared America to have the fullness
of the Gospel restored on her shores.
There was no other place
where freedom of religion existed.
I'm grateful for America!


Barry said...

Great dialogue and great pictures.

Cecily said...

The rolls were soooooo delicious!! :)

Christine said...

I didn't notice the rolls but there they are at the front of the picture! At least this year I didn't raise them longer than they should be! Yes,,,they were delicious!