Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bishop Bennett Performs Imitations

Bishop Bennett & Christine attended the
BYU-I 40th Ward's Closing Social.
The Bishop performed his imitations.

Does anyone want to see my imitations?

Oh Good!

Here's my imitation of a pea!

This is a Banana!

Just call me a 'Hot Dog'


Imitation of a Phone Ringing,
He doesn't do sound effects!

The cry of the wounded Wildebeest!

Kate & Celeste having fun!

Anthony showing us his balloon tricks.

Brittany playing a flute.

We all enjoyed a dinner from Jimmy John's.

Brittany, Marcy, Brittany, & Kaitin

Deserae was also there and took this picture.
Where is Deserae's Picture????

Bishop Bennett wearing the
duck tie Deserae gave him.

Morgan who helped plan the Great Evening.
Thanks Morgan & Russell!


Cecily said...

Oh, how fun! Des is lucky she got to go. Looks like a blast! :)

Mark & Ginger said...

wow! I had no idea, Barry had that side to him! how funny.

Christine said...

"I had no idea that Barry is so talented! Way to go!" Marlu Nelson

Christine said...

"I remember when Robert was bishop. But he didn't have nearly as much fun. Our ward was newly wed or nearly dead. Literally. We had half the ward 60 and over and half of those were home bounds. We loved the feeling of love and fellowship though. Ginger asked me, on the first sunday he sat with us since she was born, Why is he here instead of up there? She was 5. Thanks for the memory lane." Juanita Hawley

deserae said...

It was a great time! It is always fun to see dad's impressions! :)

Bob and Joy Bennett said...

It is, indeed, always fun to see Barry's impressions! :-)

Cecily said...

Dad looks like Max in that last picture of him! :)