Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

Happy 1st Easter Alexis!

Alexis came by and played with
her duck and Easter eggs.

I love Easter!

Mom & Dad with Sweet Alexis.

Grandpa, Deserae, Gigi, & Pretty Alexis.

Deserae & Alexis playing
with her new rattle.

I love Deserae!!!

Curious Alexis!

I can sit all by myself....

and play with toys!

I wonder what all these things are.

Thanks for the Easter Basket~

I love the way it feels.....

and tastes!

Daddy even likes it!

I almost put this whole egg into my mouth!

Smiling because it's Easter!

I love Aunt Deserae too!

I stopped by Grandpa & Gigi's house
for my 1st Easter.

Alexis & I had some catching up to do.

I just rocked on!

Don't leave me here all
alone, Alexis!

Pretty Happy today!

We like playing with Easter Eggs!

Thanks for the nice kiss, Alexis!

All of a sudden there was
sunshine from Heaven!

Let's sing a song!

I want to play with my new duck!

Alexis & Max are entertained by the Duck that
can quack Old MacDonald's Farm.

Dad & Mom with their Baby Max
and Aunt Deserae enjoying the Easter Day!

Mark, Alexis, Deserae, & Max.
Happy Easter Everyone!

We enjoyed Easter Day.
We watched Conference &
ate a Wonderful Dinner.
We're glad we could get
together for Easter this Year.
Jesus Christ is Risen!
He suffered for us so
that we could repent and
come unto Him &
live eternally with our
Father in Heaven & Jesus Christ,
and our Families!


Cecily said...

Happy Easter! Great pictures!

Ty, Liz and Ethan said...

Love all the pictures! You've sure got some cute grandkids! :)

deserae said...

I had a great Easter! Thanks for letting me spend it with you!