Monday, April 12, 2010

The Jackson Trip

After our 2 hour drive to Jackson,
we were hungry. We stopped at
this little log cabin restaurant to eat!

The adults ate Real Restaurant Food.

Alexis enjoyed a Real Cantaloupe.

Max enjoyed a Real Bottle of Formula.

We couldn't take that
cantaloupe away from Alexis!

Everyone was happy!

Max was all dressed up in his snow suit
as Mom strolled him around Jackson!

Alexis loved being strolled around Jackson!

Deserae found a Jackson Horse!

Ginger found Alexis the
Biggest Hair Flower
I have ever seen!!!

Giving Away BIG Smiles
is one of Max's Hobbies

Joanna, Max, Deserae,
Ginger, & Alexis under the
Antler Arch in Jackson, Wyoming.

Alexis found a Bear Friend!

Max liked him too!
The sign says,
'Please Do No Disturb the Wildlife'.

This picture proves that Men,
when they're young, love to go shopping.
I don't know what happens to them
when they grow up.

We had a very good day.
It looks cold, but it was
fine to walk around.

This was a quaint little coffee shop
that I thought was cute.

Gigi drove and took all the pictures.
She thought she needed to be in a picture!

Kissing Handsome Max.

On our way out of town we saw this
very unique Fence!

Only in Jackson, Wyoming!
We had a Good Day
being together!


Cecily said...

That looks fun! I wish I could have been there. How was the food? Would you eat there again?

deserae said...

It was fun! The food was okay, not bad, but I would want to try a new place next time!

Mark & Ginger said...

good picture's chris. I can't wait to save them to my own comp.
I couldn't stop lauging at Alexis' "hair Bow." I forgot how big that was! It would have been fun, to buy 3 or so of those and use them to decorate her room. but that is ok. I made my own flower hanging thing for her.