Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's My Party & I'll Smell If I Want To!!!

Brynn was the Belle of the Ball!
Brynn is Beckett & Max's 2nd cousin.

Beckett thought so too.
He is eyeing that beautiful......

Yellow Flower!

The Toy of the Day
was the Immortal Whisk!

Beckett posing for the

Beautiful Brynn!

Gigi with her 2 Best Boys!

It's my Party and I'll cry if I want to....

Wide-Eyed Max

What's that Big Black thing in front of me?

Finally Gigi was able to settle
things down a bit!

Let the Scentsy Party Begin!
Liz, Joy, Cecily & Brianne loved smelling
all the smells!

That little Brynn sure
has her Grandma's heart!

I think I'll stick out my tongue
and look even cuter!

Cecily & Deserae enjoying the smelling party!

Liz, Cecily, Deserae, Joanna, &
even MAX could smell all day!

Let's have our own party!

We're best buds!

Beckett & Max Sunday morning.

Beckett showing off his two teeth.

Max loves to smile a lot!!!

Beckett loves to put things in his mouth a lot!

Ryan loved the Scentsy Party....He left!

As did Eric. They went with
Bob & Darrell to Cabela's

Beckett can keep himself busy!

He sure likes those rings!

Max & Beckett playing side by side!

What a fun Scentsy Party the girls enjoyed.
Now they get to take their wonderful
fragrances home and enjoy!
It was good to see everyone!
Thanks for coming!


Cecily said...

Yes, thanks for coming everyone! It was fun to see everyone! :)

Mark & Ginger said...

looks like you girls had lot's of fun!

Darrell and Brianne Bennett said...

SOOOOO CUTE! Love the pictures!

deserae said...

It was a lot of fun! I am so glad that I was able to make it!

Bob and Joy Bennett said...

I had a blast! Love the pics.

Evie's Story said...

Hey there - I just saw that we're both participants in another giveaway and wanted to let you in on a best kept secret - Fabulous Friday Freebies. We have over $100 and 4 boutique giveaways this week. Hope you enjoy too!

Linda's Latest said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Great pictures, Chris.