Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Froggy to the Max

Here is Darling Max. This is the first of many outfits he wore while Gigi visited him for 3 hours. How many outfits can you count in the following pictures?

Peek a Boo Max!

I can still see you, Max!

Father like Son....Max is a Little Speedster!

Here Max is in one of the many outfits he showed Gigi while she visited with him. His parents are right. He does wet up his back. I don't know how he does it, but he moistened a few of his outfits while I was there for 3 hours! He's a very unique little boy gaining talents every day!

Alas!!! The Froggy to the Max! BOO!

Max is already to go Trick or Treating
with his little friend.

Isn't he the cutest froggy with a binkie in his mouth that you have ever seen???

Max helps Daddy stay focused
with his studies at all time!

All ready for Halloween
with their little pumpkin! BOO!

Gigi visited for 3 hours while Grandpa was being a Bishop at BYU-I and enjoyed every second. Max is so little, soft, cuddly, and cute!

The little cutie pie finally fell fast asleep and Gigi had to reluctantly leave her little Max.

How many outfits did you count?

If you counted 4 then you get an A+!


Cecily said...

It's so fun to see pictures of Max. I have seen him the least out of every baby, and I want to see lots of pictures!

deserae said...

Cute! I like the family picture! Do you think Max is getting more brown hair or is it still a little blonde?

Bob and Joy Bennett said...

Bet he's gonna love trick 'r' treating! Just don't let him eat to much candy.....bad for his teeth! Bob

Joanna and Eric said...

Max loooves showing off all of his outfits. He's a mini model in training.

Mark & Ginger said...

What a cute little frog. When I see Max next, I'll be expecting to hear a RIBBITT