Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Halloween Alexis!

Happy Halloween from Alexis!

I took this picture on my new Halloween Table cloth I received from Cecily. (Thanks!) I put her on my kitchen table under the light and as the light reflected in her eyes it gave the appearance of a flower in each pupil. I was completely surprised and happy at the picture.

Alexis is ready for her First Halloween

I couldn't resist buying this dress. Alexis felt quite comfortable.

I love her little feet poking out.

Don't you feel the music when you look at Alexis? She's quite the dancer. This is my favorite picture.

She wasn't quite happy all the time during the picture taking session. She still loves playing with her tongue.

She's so sweet.

Alexis decided that green is her color.

Grandpa is a little camera shy! I asked Grandpa to hold Alexis up to his face and this is the result I got. Funny & Silly Grandpa!

But I was finally able to get a 'real' picture!

The picture session turned out great!

I put Alexis in the bouncer and put a piece of pink flannel underneath her. Alexis had some red eyes so I called up Cecily and asked her how to remove them on Picassa. She helped me to do that part and then she shared how she always uses the 'I'm feeling lucky' & 'Saturated' tools. I used them and I love how the colors turned brighter and richer. I feel like a somewhat photographer now. Taking pictures is very fun for me especially when I have the cutest, prettiest, handsomest subjects in the world! That's the Grandma talking in me!


deserae said...

What a pretty girl! I love the green dress, it was definitely worth the money! So cute!

Cecily said...

I love the dancing picture. She is so cute!! :)

Ty, Liz and Ethan said...

That is an adorable dress! She is a cutie!