Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alexis visits Doctor Grandpa

I arrived inconspicuously in My 'First Halloween' Hat to visit with my Grandpa.

I then was weighed by Spot's dog house.
I came in at 9 lbs 2.5 oz.
I gained around 2lbs 9 oz ~ 45 percentile.

I was quite proud of eating well so I stretched and hung out on the scale for a while.

Nurse Jill measured me. I was 20 1/2 inches.
I grew 1 1/2 inches ~ 45th percentile.

My head was 14 1/2 inches ~ 45th percentile.

I am growing into a Big Girl.

I am Happy about that!

I'm so cute...Gigi just had to put this picture on the blog.

Grandpa looked in my ears and they were both clear! No amoxicillin for me!

He then checked my lungs. My Mom & Dad already knew my lungs were just fine.

Here Grandpa is checking my hips for
congenital hip dislocation.
I'm glad I'm okay so that I can walk
without aide when I grow up.

Grandpa is rubbing my feet checking my reflexes. My toes curled just like they should.
Thanks for the great foot massage!

Grandpa lifted me up by my hands and then let me go. I had great reflexes.

Thanks Grandpa for checking me out and making sure I'm healthy.

Happy 1 month old Birthday to me!


Cecily said...

Alexis is so cute. She and Beckett both have 25th percentile heads. I love your new background!!!

deserae said...

Alexis has a beautiful smile! I like the new background too!