Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tutus are Too Too Much Fun!

Gigi & Mommy decided to try out their talents to
make me a tutu & I looked Very Cute!

The tutu turned out really big and fluffy
and I looked awesome!

Gigi put the tutu on my head and I was darling!

The Head Tutu was fun to wear
& I looked Spectacular!

I liked the Tutu & said, "Coo Coo!"

Tutus always make me smile!

Gigi had some little flowers from her arrangement
that Mommy glued on my tutu & I looked fabulous!

I smiled and everyone's day was happier!
Thanks for the Tutu.
I had too too much fun!


Cecily said...

I love the tutu!!! It's darling, and Alexis is a really good model! She's so cute!

deserae said...

I love the tutu! How long did it take to make? Adorable!

Christine Bennett said...

It took a while. The elastic stretched as we tied on the tulle so I had to make it even smaller. I bought the tulle on the roll instead of by the yard...much easier. But there must be still some trick to making tutus....

Mark & Ginger said...

Where did you get that cute little girl? Such a nice tew-two. Are you gonna make one for me?

Anonymous said...

Alexis is so cute!
I love all of these pictures!
What a darling little girl. :)

alfrhnsby said...

Good Post ...!

Ty, Liz and Ethan said...

She is so so cute! Love the little smile. :)