Monday, October 5, 2009

Conference and......Beckett

Beckett was surprised to see his extended family!

Gigi was kissing Beckett and then letting him fall very fast. He liked it as is proven by this picture!

Love his hair ~ what he has left of it!

Gigi loves playing with Beckett and hearing him giggle & seeing him smile!

Cecily, Deserae, & Mom waited at the Sugarhouse Deseret Bookstore for about 45 minutes to get one of the 100 plaques given away for Ladies' Night. The plaque said, "Come what may and love it! ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin" I love the saying and I will remember it as I live my life!

While we were waiting, Mr Beckett was peacefully sleeping!

He did wake up finally and started to chew those yummy fingers he loves so much!

Grandpa & Deserae laughing at cute Beckett chewing his fingers.

Everyone saw that Beckett loved chewing his fingers, so everyone decided to chew their fingers ~ but Beckett wouldn't chew his again for the camera. We thought it would be such a great picture ~ but it still is. This is the story by Beckett, "I chewed my fingers to see if all those silly people would chew theirs and they did! Haha! I am the BOSS!"

Barry & I were able to attend all 4 sessions of Conference. It was great and it was great seeing our Family also!


Cecily said...

It was fun seeing you too! Beckett is the best little guy!

deserae said...

I am glad you came down, it was fun hanging out!

Mark & Ginger said...

Beckett has an oral fixation. If he doesn't outgrow it, he'll be sucking on his hands the rest of his life! OH NO!!!!!