Monday, October 5, 2009

Max's First Doctor Appt

My Mom dressed me up in this cute outfit. I thought we were going out to paint the town red.

We ended up at Doctor Grandpa's office where she made me undress!

But I kept one eye opened to see what was happening to me.

I laid on a table with paper for a while covered with this cute blanket. Just waiting for Grandpa.

Grandpa finally came in and weighed me. I gained 91/2 oz in 2 weeks! I weighed 7 lbs & 3.5 oz! Everyone was so happy especially Mommy!

Grandpa checked my ears - He was too fast so Gigi didn't get a picture.

He checked my heart

He checked my lungs.

Here Grandpa is checking my tummy for bowel sounds! I gave him a good concert!

Then Grandpa delivered the diagnosis,
"Max is Awesome!"
And I had to agree.

Gigi loves to hold me!

And then the big bad nurse came in and gave me my PKU. (Actually she was very nice) I opened my eyes really big and screamed.

Grandma Mitchell & Mom put my socks back on after the PKU test. The binkie was placed in my mouth and I was back in dreamland.

I am the cutest!

Gigi, Mom, & Grandma Mitchell agree!

After my rough day I decided to just rest.


Joanna and Eric said...

Ahhh I loved this, Chris!!! Haha, you got great pictures.

Cecily said...

Oh, Max is so adorable! I love how you tell stories from the baby's point of view. It's so cute! I love little Max!

deserae said...

I am so happy that Max had a good doctor's appointment! He looks like a healthy little guy! So cute!

Mark & Ginger said...

Max knows how to pose for those photos. I think he should be an interpretive dance artist.