Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Big Chill with Max & Beckett

Max is all ready for church in
his white shirt & tie!
He's going to Alexis' blessing.

I think I'll just do the Big Max Chill for a while!

Max & Beckett chillin' before Alex's blessing.

"I'm bigger than you, Max!" cries Beckett.
"Ich bin gross, du bist klein!" yells Max.
(Family Joke)
Barry & I were picking up
Eric from German Preschool one day.
We thought we would observe
him from we watched
him for awhile. All of a sudden
German started spewing from
his mouth. He was telling an
older boy in German,
"I am Big, You are small"
So I thought I would insert
Eric's words when Max is speaking.

I love ya Max! I love ya back bro!

When will they stop taking pictures of us????
(I hate to tell you boys - NEVER!)

"I can do lots of tricks with my tongue."
Beckett is very impressed as you can tell!

"I have the cutest smile!" Max says.
"I have the cutest stare!" Beckett replies.
Max & Beckett are best buds!

Just hangin' out - waiting for Mom!

Max & Beckett in deep discussion about
their complicated lives -
eating, sleeping, taking naps, etc.
Deserae & Joanna smile as they listen.

"I get the last word! Max, Ich bin Gross!
Du bist klein!"
Max, Beckett, Eric, & Cecily dreaming of
going to Alexis' blessing.
This post is brought to you because of
Mark Bennett.Thank you Mark for copying
all of my old pics & putting them on my
brand new computer! Barry said that many years
ago when we bought our first computer it
was around $2,000 and of course didn't
have internet. Now we have this computer
that can do lots of things and it was
only$900.00. This paragraph is for
posterity's sake. I wonder how
the future will be?


Cecily said...

Beckett and Max are super cute! I'm glad you can start posting again! :D

deserae said...

Lol! I love the Ich bin Gross, du bist klein!

Those two are the cutest boys!

Anonymous said...

What sweet boys :)
They are so cute in their Sunday clothes!

Ty, Liz and Ethan said...

Cute cute pictures! :)

Bob and Joy Bennett said...

What cute boys! And fun, too!