Friday, January 1, 2010

Bumbo, Bumbo! Who has the Bumbo?

What is a Bumbo Baby Seat?
"It is a snug & cozy environment for a baby.
This revolutionary infant chair is uniquely
designed according to the baby's posture. It
enables the baby to sit upright all by himself.
It is suitable for babies as soon as they can
support their own heads unaided until they
can get out of the seat on their own. This
award winning infant chair is manufactured
to the highest safety standards from
low density foam material, which makes it
lightweight & portable. It is soft &
comfortable for the baby, hygenic & nontoxic.
It is durable & easy to clean. "
Thanks to the Bumbo site for this information!
So that is what a Bumbo is!

Three Bumbos showed up under
our tree this year with
3 treasured grandchildren in them!

We were pleasantly surprised!

Alexis & Max seemed to like their Bumbos.

Max liked talking to Dad
while relaxing in the Bumbo.

Beckett thought the Bumbo was a horsey.

But then it happened.
Max didn't like the Bumbo!

Then Alexis joined Max in
being unhappy in the Bumbo.

Alexis was wondering why she ever asked
Santa for a Bumbo!

Pretty soon they all joined in being very
uncomfortable in their
'comfortable & soft' Bumbo! :(


Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

bumbo's are fun... for a little while. both of my kids hated them rather quickly. georgie would arch her back so strongly that she'd pop herself out. it was scary, and really funny... :)

Christine said...

Beckett is arching his back and trying to get out. But he's had his for awhile. They are great when they're little....but they do grow out of them quickly like you say!

deserae said...

It is so fun to have the babies sitting by the adults in their little bumbo seats!