Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009

I got a camera for Christmas and couldn't
quite figure how to focus- so some of
these pictures are a bit blurry.

Max smiles because he is sharing his first
New Year's Eve with his cousin Beckett.

Beckett loves his Good Night Book but Max
promises not to go to Bed until Midnight.

On New Year's Even we played games

At midnight we blew horns.

We popped fireworks.

Beckett ate the horns.

Kalia, John, & Emma celebrating.

Emma & Kalia making lots of noise.

Marlu, Ryan, & Virginia creating lots of sound.

Randy & Kristie joined us.

Cecily took lots of pictures of Beckett
eating things that weren't food.

Beckett Celebrating with Uncle Eric playing with him.

Lots of New Year's revelry!

Eric & Max merrymaking!

Beckett, Ryan, & Cecily - 1st New Year with Beckett.

Eric, Joanna, & Max - First New Year with Max

Chris & Barry - Barry really loves the puzzles!

Virginia, Kalia, Emma, Max, Marlu, & John.

Happy New Years Everyone!
Marlu, Ryan's Grandma, invited us over
to her Mansion at Liberty Square to enjoy
fun festivities for the New Year!
Thank you Marlu for the Great Food,
Fun Games, and all of the
Merrymaking horns & fireworks!
We totally enjoyed ourselves you can see!


Cecily said...

Happy New Year!

Barry said...

Great job! It was a blast!

deserae said...

Looks like a fun party! Sorry I missed it!