Monday, January 11, 2010

Goodbye to 2009 Holiday!

Ryan & Cecily came with us to Babe's
before their long trek home. There are
no pictures of Cecily in this blog because
she was taking all of the pictures.
I think she is a picture taking addict!

We had a family get together with the Jenkins
at Babe's Bakery! (My favorite place to eat
lunch) Eric & Joanna came and Baby Max slept.

We said goodbye to Ryan's sister, Kalia,
who went back to the warm weather of
California. Ryan's Grandma, Marlu,
was with us also.

Gigi decided to give Beckett a pickle!
He really enjoyed it. Grandpa even
got to come!

Ryan's Mom, Virginia, and sister, Emma
were happy to come and eat at Babe's!

Mark & Ginger came. Ginger was very
deep in thought.

Emma showed us her new ear piercing.
It is cute!

Alexis had a butterfly stop
by and land on her head.

Cecily took lots of pictures
of Becket munching his pickle.

MMMM....a pickle tastes so good
when all you eat is milk.

I love my pickle. Nobody
take it away!

Eric showing off his funny faces.

Eric & Joanna loving the food at Babe's!

Goodbye to Beckett, Kalia, & Emma

Beckett playing with the kissing frogs!

Goodbye to the Holiday Fun!
We made some fun memories
and enjoyed our time together!


Barry said...

Great job! I especially like the pickle pictures.

Cecily said...

I can't help taking lots of pictures with your new camera, Mom! I can't help taking pictures of Beckett either. Those two together equal MANY Beckett pics!! Lunch was really fun that day! Thanks! :D