Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009!

Christmas morning brought lots of presents.
This year we decided to do a homemade
Christmas.We drew names and made
Christmas Gifts for the people that we chose.
Chris cross stitched 'Family' and then
Lynda & Steve Orme framed it.
Deserae said she was glad to get a
magnetic board because her fridge was
running out of room!

Joanna made Chris this cute
'Grandkids' plaque.
It says, "Grandkids Life's Greatest Joys"
Along the bottom are magnets so I
can put pictures of the darling ones.

More opening presents

Max sitting in his new Bumbo Seat

Barry in his gift of magnetic glasses.
Too bad they were way too small for him!

Alexis in her new Bumbo Seat
Cecily opening gifts

Beckett found his favorite toy.
It's a bag that he likes to touch & kick!

This year we chose names in our family
& made each other gifts.
Cecily made Joanna a
Family Home Evening Board.
Joanna made Chris a Grandkids magnet board.
Barry made Mark huckleberry jam.
Mark made Ryan his wonderful cookies,
peanut butter bars, and Brazilian candy
called brigadeiras.
Deserae made Ginger some 'Alexis' magnets,
gave her an 'Alexis' ornament, & painted
some ornaments and a picture frame with a
picture of Alexis.
Ginger made Cecily a beaded watch
& a wall organizer.
Joanna & Eric compiled some family
pictures for Barry and made
him a picture book.
Ryan made Eric's band,
Anodyne Red, a website.
Christine cross stitched 'Family'
and had the Ormes frame it and
make it into a magnetic board.
We can't wait for next year to see what
creative juices flow from everyone!

Alexis all decked out for a Christmas Party!

Beckett chewing on Dad's fingers.
Mom & Beckett loving each other.

We had a Great time having all the
family home together this year!


Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

love all the homemade, thoughtful gifts. what a great idea!!

Joanna and Eric said...

Eric helped a bunch with the book for Barry, just so you know :) Need to give credit where credit is due

deserae said...

We have such a creative family!